Green Bay Packers’ Comeback

Green Bay Packers’ Comeback

Green Bay Packers’ Comeback
By Nathan Jones

Looking at the score of the Packers’ game against the New York Jets on Sunday after the first quarter, I thought there was no way Green Bay could come back to win. They were down 21-3 against a solid team who were determined to win, and the Packers’ offense didn’t look too great. But, as they do quite a lot, the Packers surprised me with one of the most…

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Texans Roundup: Week 2 @ Oakland

Texans Roundup: Week 2 @ Oakland

The Texans went to 2-0 for the 5th consecutive season Sunday in a game where J.J. Watt’s only stat was a touchdown catch. Next week, look for Watt to throw for 3 touchdowns, 400 yards passing and 200 yards rushing, as well as helping the Astros win by leading off an inning with a grand salami. J.J. Watt also will win a game of Connect 4 in three moves. Watch out Chuck Norris.


A young J.J. Watt…

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Playoffs

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Playoffs

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Playoffs Begin
Written by Nathan Jones

The regular season is over. The wait for the Chase is over. TODAY, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series heads to Chicagoland Speedway, where sixteen drivers will battle to have their name on the trophy once the season ends. There are favorites and underdogs, but everyone has an equal chance. For the first time ever, NASCAR will use an…

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North Texas Loses to LA Tech

North Texas Loses to LA Tech

So this game was on Thursday. I know, it’s been two days. To be honest with you, I didn’t want to write about this game. It was embarrassing. It was horrifying. It was nauseating. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team have such a hard time on offense. I still love my Mean Green, but there are major issues in Denton right now.

Game Recap:

Both teams got out to extremely slow starts. Neither team…

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Texans Roundup: Week 1 vs Washington

Texans Roundup: Week 1 vs Washington

After nearly a year, Texans fans can celebrate once more as they win the season opener versus Washington, as well as get that free slushy from Sonic. The Texans took the Houston mayor’s health initiative a little too far last year, denying fans and citizens alike a free sugary treat for the last fourteen games.

As for the game itself, it was a snoozefest. The two worst teams from last season…

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Mean Green Dominate SMU 43-6

Mean Green Dominate SMU 43-6

All week SMU alum talked about how the Safeway Bowl against North Texas wasn’t a rivalry. If one looks at the all-time record, one could see how that case could be made. Before Saturday afternoon’s game in Denton, SMU had dominated the series with 28 wins out of the total 33 games. The Ponies talked about how TCU was their real rival and the the Mean Green were just trying to make a rivalry out…

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Texans and Watt agree to 100 million dollar deal

Texans and Watt agree to 100 million dollar deal

The Texans beat writer John McClain reports that the J.J. Watt and the Texans have agreed to a six year, 100 million dollar contract, with 51.876 million guaranteed.

With Clowney signing a four-year deal, and J.J. a six-year deal, this means the terrible tandem will wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks for the next four years, guaranteed.

Former Texan Mario Williams struck a deal with the Bills…

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Texans Roundup: Preseason Week 4

Texans Roundup: Preseason Week 4

Texans fans were brought back down to ground level after basking in the afterglow of a pointless, albeit confidence boosting, win in Denver. Week four of preseason against the 49ers showcased the lack of a quarterback for the franchise.

Keenum had an unsuccessful outing, with Savage not displaying the clutchness present in week three with the game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter. The…

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Mavs Roster Preview


As the NBA off-season continues the perpetual and slow crawl toward October 28th tip off date, we are left with nothing but possibilities as the new season comes upon us. The Mavericks have shored up their roster and it looks to be set. I really like this roster and I feel that it certainly has some serious potential. Sad as I was to see the likes of both Shawn Marion and Vince Carter go, the…

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Mean Green Fall to Texas 38-7

Mean Green Fall to Texas 38-7

Every year, North Texas schedules a game against a power opponent and every year I believe that we will one day be remembered like Appalachian State. This year was no different. The scenario was set up beautifully. Texas was coming off a bad year and the firing of arguably the greatest coach to ever wear the burnt orange. New coach, Charlie Strong, still hadn’t proven himself as being a quality…

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